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Virtual Teams

We have assembled one of the most comprehensive list of links and articles on virtual teams and virtual team management!

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bulletOrganizations and Centers on Virtual Teams
bulletCenter for Coordination Science (MIT Sloan)   papers, links
bulletCenter for the Study of Work Teams   "based at the University of North Texas and was created for the purpose of education and research in all areas of collaborative work systems"
bulletComputer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Research Group Lancaster University (UK)    part of Cooperative Systems Engineering Group
bulletInternational Association of Facilitators 
bulletInternational Association of Virtual Organizations  Multi-disciplinary collaboration project is a joint
effort among three different universities - Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Univ. of Arizona
bulletThe Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments (SCALE) University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign 
bulletJournal of Asynchronous Learning Networksnew2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTeam Engineering Collaboratory (TEC) new2.gif (284 bytes) is a distributed research and demonstration facility supported by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories in cooperation with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Southern California.
bulletCenter for Virtual Organization and Commerce at Louisiana State University new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Team Project (USC and NSF) new2.gif (284 bytes) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bullet Cornelius Grove & Associates, LLC new2.gif (284 bytes) Virtual Team Effectiveness      
bulletAgile Networking Competing through the Internet and Intranets
bullet@Brint: Virtual Corporations & Outsourcing 
bulletCHIN - Computers and Human Interaction Node
bulletCoach Universe Virtual Teams  
bulletConflict Management in Groups   Home of the CoWorking News and Bernard DeKoven's
Technography Center. A valuable resource for managers, facilitators and
participants in collaborative efforts.
bulletFutureU's Virtual Team Space™ A Gateway to Resources for Virtual Teams 
bulletGroupware and Collaborative Support
bulletJournal of Computer-Mediated Communication
bulletSpecial Issue on Virtual Organizations
bulletLegato Consulting Resources  articles, bibliography, glossary, links on remote workers from NetAge NetAge offers solutions: state-of-the-art products and services to help companies successfully launch, manage, and sustain virtual teams and networked organizations.
bulletThe Age of the Network online version
bulletVirtual Teams Minibook book excerpts
bulletParadigm Shift International
bulletSelf Directed and Self Managed Work Teams new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTeamworks: Skills for Collaborative Work
bulletWWWebliography Links to internet resources on Teamworks topics new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletUsability First: Groupware   "provides a general overview of groupware, computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and associated design and
usability issues"
bulletThe Virtual Community Team Bookstore
bulletThe Virtual Corporation (David Skyrme Associates)  
bulletVirtual-Communities, Virtual Settlements & Cyber-Archaeology:
A Theoretical Outline
bulletVirtual Organization   "This site is concerned with various aspects of virtual organization such as leadership, structure, collaboration, teams, technology, methods, and learning."
bulletVirtual Organization Net (Vonet)   VoNet is focused on theoretical and empirical
research related to Virtual Organizations, Virtual Teams, Network Organization and Electronic Commerce.
bulletVirtual Teams: Reaching Across Space, Time, and Organizations with Technology
bulletVirtual Teams (Ragnar Heil)
bulletVirtual Team Facilitation Resources
bulletVirtual Meetings Get To Work new2.gif (284 bytes)  a collection of articles from TechWeb (11/28/01) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Teaming (pywiki) Loads of great links
bulletVirtual Teams (Mark Neff)
bulletvrtprj "concentrates the available market information, products and services, about virtual teams and distributed projects" new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletWhere the virtual meets the real - Management, Skill, and Innovation in
the 'Virtual Organisation'
The programme's aim is to examine the role of electronic technologies over a range of social activities.
bulletArticles, Books, Papers, Presentations, and College Classes
bulletUniversity of Indiana Virtual Teams Search new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletAssociation or Information Systems (AIS) - Articles on Virtual Teams (maintained by Reagan Ramsower of Baylor University) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bullet17 Pointers for Managing Virtual Teams  
bulletA Meeting of Minds How to run virtual meetings 
bulletA Project Management Approach to Online Communication
bulletApplying the Team Management Profile (TMP) to a Virtual Team new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletAs the virtual workforce grows, so does the challenge for managers.
Here's how to keep it together
bulletBook Review: Learning the remote management ropes
bulletBuilding Community in the Virtual Workplace (Jennifer L. Carpenter)
bulletCase Studies and Articles on Teamwork new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCaucus's Research Page (whitepapers and published works) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletChris Kimble's Class from York University (UK) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCollaboration, knowledge management and virtual office new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCollaborative strategies of successful teams new2.gif (284 bytes) numerous articles from Fast Company
bulletCommunications and Trust in Global Virtual Teams
bulletCommunication Processes for Virtual Organizations new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletComputers in Language and Rhetoric
bulletCyberculture & Rhetoric new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletThe Design and Management of Geographically-dispersed Teams (Brenowitz)
bulletVirtual and Geographically Dispersed Teams
bulletDesign for Network Communities
bulletEffective Virtual Teams Through Communities Of
This paper examines the nature of virtual teams and their place in the networked economy.
bulletEffective Communication and Information Sharing in Virtual Teams
bulletEight ways to build (remote) team spirit
bulletENABLE99 - papers new2.gif (284 bytes) enabling network-based learning
bulletEverything's Coming Up Virtual (Susan E. Yager)
bulletExplaining the paradox of telecommuting (Nava Pliskin)
bulletGetting the Seats of Your Pants Dirty: Strategies for Ethnographic Research on Virtual Communities
bulletGetting Unreal: in the virtual company, air managers and video pinheads rule
bulletGlobal Software Development Managing Virtual Teams and Environments (book)
bulletGlobal Virtual Team Exercise: Helpful Resources
bulletHoward Street Design - Virtual Teams Articles
bulletImplementing Groupware Technologies in Organizations for Facilitating Distributed Teamwork
bulletInformation on the psychology of virtual communities
bulletJournal of Computer-Mediated Communication: Issue on Virtual Organizations
bulletKinetic   Clippings eNewsletter brings you the latest information on the emerging workplace new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletLeading a Virtual Team
bulletLeading Virtual Teams
bulletLeading Virtual Teams: Five Essential Skills (Joyce Thompson)
bulletLearning to Work in Distributed Global Teams new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletThe Long Arm of the Boss: Keep your staff close even when they're far
bulletLong Live the Virtual Team new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletBROKEN Management Roundtable's articles on virtual teams new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletManaging and Leading the Virtual Team
bulletManaging from a Distance: Working Effectively with Telecommuters & Virtual Teams
bulletManaging Geographically Distributed Project Teams new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletManaging Large Localization Projects with Virtual Teams around the Globe (.pdf)
bulletManaging the Digital Firm (Lee Sproull, NYU)
bulletManaging Virtual Teams Text of speech given by Lisa Kimball for Team Strategies Conference sponsored by Federated
Press, Toronto, Canada, 1997.
bulletManaging Virtual Teams: Practical Techniques For High-Technology
Project Managers (book)
bulletManaging Your Time and Priorities in the Virtual Team
bulletThe Many Virtues of the Virtual Office
bulletMy interest, thinking, and other points of view on CyberSociety, Virtual Communities, etc.
bulletNotes on Going Virtual
bulletNot-So-Homeward Bound
bulletOnline Community Toolkit new2.gif (284 bytes) "Thinking about building or hosting an online community? Looking for specific tips, tools and ideas?
Start here"
bulletRamblings on Virtual Collaboration
bulletReal Tools for Virtual Teams
bulletRemote Control: How do you captain the good ship enterprise when so many of your crew are working remotely? (CIO Magazine)
bulletResources for the Teleleader a bibliography
bulletA Self-Efficacy Theory Explanation for the Management of Remote Workers in Virtual Organizations
bulletSelf Directed Work Teams (SDWT)
bulletBROKEN Spotlight on Virtual Teams new2.gif (284 bytes)
bullet[pdf] Supporting Awareness among Virtual Teams in a Web-Based Collaborative System: The TeamScope System
bulletSupporting Distributed Collaborative Work new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTeamwork is the key to remote development (InfoWorld) List of critical tools for virtual team management
bulletTeamwork is the key to remote development new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTechnology Enhanced Teamwork: Aligning Individual Contributions for Superior Team Performance
bulletTelework (papers from Americas Conference on Information Systems 1996)
bulletTelework (papers from Americas Conference on Information Systems 2001)
bulletThink of People When Planning Virtual Teams
bulletTips for Virtual Teams
bulletTwo cheers for the virtual office (Thomas H. Davenport)
bulletVirtual Corporations & Outsourcing (from Brint) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Engineering Teams: Strategy and Implementation
bulletVirtual Office
bulletVirtual Organizations (Emporia University)
bulletVirtual Project Management Resources - articles list from Lorenzo Tagliaro new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Project Management for Software new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Corporations, Human Issues & Information Technology
bulletVirtual Engineering Teams: Strategy and Implementation
bulletVirtual Management: Working Together Apart
bulletVirtual Organizations (papers from Americas Conference on Information Systems 2000)
bulletVirtual Teams: An example of Hot Distributed Collaborative Work? new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Teams and Computer-Mediated Communications Systems (Groupware)
bulletVirtual Teams and Technology - Class (Weisband, University of Arizona)
bulletVirtual Teams Minibook Excerpts from Virtual Teams: Working
Across Space, Time, and Organizations by
Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps
bulletVirtual Team Rules (article by Wally Bock) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Teams (
bulletVirtual teams (Melissa Shaw)
bulletVirtual teams, real benefits
bulletVirtual Teams: The Way to Work in the Next Century new2.gif (284 bytes) a good list of academic papers
bulletVirtual Work Emerges as a Prominent Trend in the American Workforce
Working on Virtual Teams by Alyson Preston
bulletWorking Effectively With Teams - Rutgers University new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletWorking Together, Apart - The Web as Project Infrastructure
bulletWork Together, Stay in Place new2.gif (284 bytes) "collection of smart ideas and useful
tools designed to help teams collaborate more while traveling less from Fast Company
bulletWorking By Wire: White Papers, Articles, and Free Materials
bulletWorking with virtual teams and telecommuters By Gillian Kerr, Good Enough Information Systems  
bulletFrom new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletVirtual Company Advice
bulletAMA: Leading Virtual and Remote Teams
bulletMCE: Virtual and Remote Teams
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