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Team Groupware

bulletGeneral Information
bulletCollaboration Tools and Software new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCompInfo - Groupware, Workflow, Email, Calendar, Collaborative Software
bulletGroupware/Virtual Teams (Nova Southeastern University)
bulletTeam Room Products (PC Magazine)
bulletUniversity of South Carolina - Groupware Site new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletWeb-based collaboration solutions (review from PC Magazine) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletWorkplace: Better Than Being There (SmartBusiness.mag) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletWeb-based  XCOLLA >> Intuitive project management software for team collaboration new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCollaborative Virtual Workspace new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCritical Path new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletDailyDrill  calendars, to-do lists, e-mail/pager reminders
bulletEntrpreneur's netdocuments   free virtual office
bulleteRoom new2.gif (284 bytes) This on-line service replaces small-business paperwork with e-mail forms new2.gif (284 bytes)  "your files home away from home"
bulletHotOffice Virtual Office Service   web-based Document sharing and retrieval, bulletin boards, online conferences, Web e-mail, calendar and more in one central location.
bulletLotus Instant!TEAMROOM
bulletMagicalDesk  Free web-based calendar, filing, e-mail, etc
bulletMSN Communities
bulletSchedule Online  free calendar and group scheduling site
bulletSiteScape Forum Hosting Services new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTeamOn new2.gif (284 bytes) new2.gif (284 bytes) Allows teams to quickly and easily establish a private meeting space outside of any corporate security policies and
issues with email and the Internet
bulletTRUEreq offers a collaborative workspace for specifying and launching new products. It helps geographically dispersed constituents—product managers, project managers, designers, contract developers, marketing and sales executives, purchasing managers, ad agencies, PR firms, QA managers, and patent attorneys—compress time and increase accountability. TRUEreq's easy-to-use Web-based approach and economic pricing model make it easy for companies to easily get started. new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTWikitm  new2.gif (284 bytes) a flexible, powerful, and easy to use Web-based collaboration platform
bulletVisto  free meetings
bulletWebCal Free Web-based calendar
bulletWebEx  free meetings
bulletXDrive  "a FREE service that gives members 25
megabytes of free storage space on
the Internet"
bulletYahoo Online Address Book
bulletYahoo Online Calendar
bulletZkey "share your information with anyone, and view your information on any web enabled computer or device."
bulletAlso see Project Management Web-based Tools page
bulletAlso see Virtual Teams page
bulletDay-Timers, Inc.
bullet"Choosing Collaborative Project Management Tools" (pdf) (Vandersluis)
bullet"Step into My Online Office"
bullet"Using the Internet for Project Management"
bulletTeamwork new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletTeamworks the Virtual Team Assistant "developed to provide support for group communication processes, and especially for design teams in engineering and other practical arts and sciences" 


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