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bulletWoman in Technology International
bulletIBM's VP - Internet Technology's Webpage John Patrick's
bulletAcademic Research Centers on IT new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletCenter of Information Systems Research (MIT)
bulletCentre for Research in Information Management (London School of Business)
bulletCentre for Management of Information Technology (University of Melbourne)
bulletSystems Research Center  (Boston University School of Management)
bulletThe Information Technology Research Center (University of Arkansas) new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletNewspaper Technical Sites
bulletNY Times' Circuits Section
bulletNY Times' Technology section
bulletWashington Post-WashTech
bulletAmerican Society for Information Science
bulletAssociation for Computing Machinery new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletAssociation for Information Systems  new2.gif (284 bytes) The premier global organization for
academics specializing in Information Systems
bulletComputer Organizations
bulletCIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society)
bulletHelpDesk Institute
bulletInformation Technology Association of America
bulletInternet & Computer Associations a comprehensive list from the Michigan Electronic Library new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletComputers & Internet Associations from the Internet Public Library
bulletIT and Computer Organizations in India new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletComputer Associations in Australia new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletIT publication companies technical websites
bulletThe Broadband Guide  (PennWell) cabling, optics
bulletCIO Magazine's Research Center
bulletCMPNet The Technology Network (CMP Publications)
bulletInformationWeek Magazine Online   (US)
bulletInformationWeek's Resource Centers  
bulletInformationWeek (UK)
bulletInformatiques (CMPnet- France)
bulletExecutive Edge from GartnerGroup "Strategic Advantage through Technology"
bulletIDG Net (IDG publications)
bulletNetworkWorld Fusion
bulletInfoBeads Market intelligence for computer & comms industries
bulletIT Manager's Journal
bulletIT Support News  monthly business
newspaper for the people who control 70% of the
information technology (IT) budget—the
post-sales support and training budget.
bulletMIS Magazines List (University of Akron)
bulletMIS Journals List (University of Akron)
bulletNetwork Magazine Very Good Tutorials
bulletOnline Magazine The leading magazine for information professionals
bulletPlesman Communications (Canada)
bulletWired News
bulletZD NET (Ziff-Davis Publications)
bulletPC Computing
bulletPC Magazine
bulletPC Week
bulletZDTV  Television about computing
bulletTechnology Terminology and Reference
bullet(Also see Words page for Computer and Technology Glossaries )
bullet@Brint Recommended by WSJ, BW, Fortune, etc swh01.jpg (1316 bytes) "Your link to in-depth IT Research"
bulletComputer and Communications Pages   "one stop"
bulletThe Computer Consultant new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletComputer Information Centre (CompInfo)   swh01.jpg (1316 bytes)
bulletComputerWorld Technology QuickStudy
"a weekly tutorial about computer-related trends
and technologies. Each edition includes a
simple definition of the subject, a story
about the state of the technology and a
list of related Internet resources." (There is also a Business QuickStudy)
bulletDarwin Online Learn Glossary   "a layman's guide to speaking geek"
bulleteIT-Forum IT Management Knowledge Portal new2.gif (284 bytes)
bullete-Lingo Dictionary
bulletEncyclopdedia: Information Technologies  new2.gif (284 bytes) Groupware, internet, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc. from INSEAD and CALT(The Center for Advanced Learning Technologies)
bulletFatBrain   "the Internet's most comprehensive bookstore for professionals"
bulletInternational Federation for Information Porfessionals (IFIP) is a non-governmental, non-profit umbrella organization for national societies working in the field of information processing. It was established in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO as an aftermath of the first World Computer Congress held in Paris in 1959.
bulletInformation Management Forum "provides a platform for sharing the best in past experiences, current practices, and future innovative directions."
bulletIT - Business Relationship Strategic Information System Evolution - Edgardo Mejias new2.gif (284 bytes) (article)
bulletIT Learning Center   "a free information resource for IT / IS pros, business analysts, and the academic community. Here you will find one of the most
concentrated sources of information about information technology business management issues: budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, investment planning,
performance measurement and metrics, and more."
bulletITToolkit  "a web resource for the management and support of Information Technology"
bulletITpapers new2.gif (284 bytes) is the Yellow Pages of White Papers, with links to over 15,000 White Papers (over 50,000 by the end of 2001). A free service.
bulletJargon Judge 
bulletLucent Technology's Glossary Look up technical terms  handbooks and links covering emerging technologies
bulletNetlingo "The Internet Language Dictionary"
bulletNTG TechLinks (Canada)
bulletObject and Components -16,427 Links
bulletPC Webopaedia definitions and links
bulletPrinceton University's Computer and Internet References
bulletResources for Information Technology Professionals
bulletScott's Tutorial Hotlist Tutorials, Manuals, and User's Guides
bulletTom's Hardware Guide  PC equipment
bulletTechEnclyclopedia  "More than 13,000 definitions of computer terms and concepts"  swh01.jpg (1316 bytes) "complex technology in simple terms"  provides the best resources for computer professionals by researching and reviewing many sources including journals, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and input from our customers.
bulletTechRepublic   swh01.jpg (1316 bytes) "the IT Community hub
bulletTechSightings  Weekly Reviews of the Best High-Tech Sights on the Net!
bulletTechTarget new2.gif (284 bytes) "The Leading Network of Enterprise IT Web Sites"
bulletTek-Tip Forums   "hot web community where computer porfessionals meet and talk"
bulletTek.Xam  "The Tek.Xam assessment examination is a unique test measuring technology and problem-solving skills within the technology
environment. It is an Internet-based, vendor-neutral test delivered
online in a proctored computer lab" sample test  "Ultimate Technology Directory(TM)"
bulletUniversity of Maryland Computer Research
bulletUS News & World Report - News Can You Use - Tech
bulletEducation and Tradeshows
bulletconferences of interest to the global IS community new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletDCI Events Central  Education and Information for IT
bulletConsumer Electronics Show
bulletInformationWeek Online Date Book
bulletScheduleEarth  Events for professional and personal development
bulletInformation Technology for Disadvantaged Kids
bulletAmerica's Promise, The Alliance for Youth
bulletNational Urban Technology Center
bulletAOL Foundation donation of technology and resources
bulletIBM Foundation donation of technology and resources
bulletBiometric Consortium (US govt) introduction, standards
bulletBiometric Digest Monthly publication, many links
bulletGlossary of Biometric Terms
bulletLinux ' learn (and teach) the power and
virtues of the Linux Operating System".
bulletInformationWeek's LINUX Toolbox
bulletSEUL/edu is the discussion group for those interested in using Linux for education.
bulletWindows Managers for X
bulletTechnology and Education
bulletPartners in Education
bulletTechCorps  "national non-profit   organization dedicated to
improving K-12 education at the grassroots level by helping educators effectively use technology in their schools."
bulletApplication Service Providers (ASP's)
bulletProgramming Languages
bulletThe COBOL Center
bulletWeb Hosting and Colocation
bulletLink to StartWright's Web Hosting and Colocation page
bulletService Level Agreements new2.gif (284 bytes) "the world's premiere Service Level Management learning community"

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